WHMIS 2017 Training?

A common WHMIS-related question that regularly pops up around December and January of any given year is, “Is there a such this as WHMIS XXXX and WHMIS XXXX Training”? The XXXX represents a year. So, for this time of year, the questions is, “Is there such thing is WHMIS 2017 and WHMIS 2017 training”?

It’s completely understandable why one would ask about WHMIS 2017 and WHMIS 2017 training since there most certainly was a WHMIS 2015. In fact, there still IS a WHMIS 2015 along with WHMIS 2015 training. We’ll get back to this in a minute, but let’s first answer the main question.

The simple answer is, no. There have been no changes to WHMIS since Canada’s integration of GHS into WHMIS that took effect in February of 2015. That means that there is no WHMIS 2017 and “WHMIS 2017 Training”.

People started referring to WHMIS as WHMIS 2015 after the changes that took place in February of 2015. This was to distinguish the difference between the new GHS-aligned WHMIS and the original WHMIS, now referred to as WHMIS 1988. A distinction between the two was required since significant changes were made to the way that chemicals were classified and labeled. WHMIS 2015 also introduced new Safety Data Sheets and Pictograms, among other things.

Does this mean that you or your workers don’t need WHMIS Training in 2017? Not necessarily. Read on…

WHMIS 2017 Training

Updated WHMIS Training in 2017

There’s a good chance that you or your workers will encounter elements from both WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015 throughout 2017. If you’re a worker who hasn’t taken updated WHMIS training that covers WHMIS 2015, you need to do that right away.

If you’re an employer and you haven’t yet provided updated WHMIS training to your workers that covers the WHMIS 2015 elements, then you need to do that immediately. Workers should also still be trained on WHMIS 1988 elements, as they can be found in the workplace until late 2018 when the WHMIS 2015 transitional period comes to an end.

If you or your employees have recently taken updated WHMIS 2015 training, then you many not need to update it in 2017. This is, however, dependent on what’s required in your workplace.

If you’re a worker that’s exposed to chemicals in your workplace, be sure to ask your supervisor if you need WHMIS training, if you haven’t already.

WHMIS Training Options in 2017

Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to get WHMIS Certified or provide adequate WHMIS training to your workers in 2017.

Employers can provide WHMIS training through instructor-led classroom sessions, WHMIS-based videos, and for the ultimate time and cost-saving convenience, Online WHMIS training. Instructor-led sessions can be supplemented with high-quality WHMIS training materials that save your internal trainers time and assists in providing a clear, consistent message.

If you’re a worker and you’ve been given the task to get WHMIS certified, Online WHMIS Training may be your best option. High-Quality WHMIS Training can be completed in less time than traditional methods and at your own pace. You also can complete training anywhere, from any device, if you have a reliable high-speed internet connection. Online WHMIS Training is typically much more affordable and offers higher value than traditional methods.