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WHMIS Training Kit


Take the guess work and uncertainty out of training your workforce in WHMIS.

Eversafe Media’s easy-to-use, fully compliant WHMIS training kit gives you everything you need to facilitate engaging and compliant, high-quality WHMIS training in your workplace. With the super convenient ability to download and reproduce an Instructor’s Manual, Participant Workbooks, Certificate templates and several other useful WHMIS training tools, you’ll be able to get your workforce trained quickly and painlessly.

Note: The contents of this WHMIS training kit covers both WHMIS 1988 and the new GHS-aligned WHMIS 2015.

Training Kit Licensing Terms

Product Description

Eversafe Media’s downloadable WHMIS Training Instructor’s Kit contains everything you need to easily and effectively facilitate engaging WHMIS training, conveniently at your workplace.

Because your workers may encounter elements from both WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015 throughout the transition period, this training kit covers both systems. This helps you to ensure that your workers stay safe and that your company meets its legislative requirements.

The kit is packed with extremely high production value training materials that allow you to deliver a fully scripted and perfectly structured training program. It also gives you the flexibility to develop and facilitate a customized program that fits in with the demands and circumstances of your specific workplace.

As with all of our training kits, we offer a full 15-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the WHMIS Training Kit for any reason whatsoever, contact our awesome support team within 15 days for a full refund.


WHMIS Training Kit Contents

  • Customizable, Compliant WHMIS Power Point Presentation
  • WHMIS Instructor’s Manual
  • WHMIS for Workers Student Workbook
  • Final Assessment and Assessment Key (Quiz/Exam)
  • Attendance/Sign In Templates
  • Certificate Templates
  • WHMIS Reference Card
  • Hi-Resolution Posters
  • WHMIS Compliance Check List
  • Training Matrix
  • Free Updates for One Year from Date of Purchase

Instantly available after purchase via Download

WHMIS Student Workbook


If you’re unable to find the answer to any questions that you may have below, please contact us for a speedy response.
Are the training kits compliant with the legislation?
Yes. All training material and contents are developed by industry leading safety professionals with years of experience.
Will you send me the kit contents in the mail?
We do not provide physical copies of training content. All of our training kits are downloadable and can be accessed instantly after purchase.
Can I customize the training materials?
Yes, The power points contained in our training kits are fully customizable! In fact, we encourage you to customize the content in our kits to contain information that’s specific to your workplace.
How many times can I train my workers with the kits?
You can train your employees an unlimited number of times with our training kits. This is one of the reasons that make our training kits one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to train your workforce.
Can I share the training materials?
No. Training materials cannot be shared between companies and colleagues. If you’d like more details about specific licensing details, contact us.
I’m a consultant/trainer. Can I use this content to train clients?
Definitely not. You cannot simply purchase our kits online and start training clients. Our training kits are meant for employers wishing to train their employees.