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Professional Online Safety Certification Training courses designed to get you Certified quickly at an affordable price.

online safety certification

Ridiculously Flexible

Our powerful Online Training Platform allows you to easily take your course from anywhere on the planet (or on another planet) where there’s internet access.  You’re also able to take your course in small, broken down sessions if you wish. Our system remembers where you are within a course and will continue where you left off whenever you’re ready to continue.

Unsurpassed Exam Preparation

Our professional, Online Safety Certification Training Courses are developed using established instructional design principals, allowing you to achieve a sustained level of competence in the shortest time possible. This means that successfully completing your exam will be a breeze.

Online Safety Certification Forklift Course

Popular Online Courses

Online WHMIS Training

WHMIS 2015 for Workers

A dynamic WHMIS Course that teaches learners how to recognize potentially hazardous materials and eliminate or reduce the risks associated with working with them.


Get WHMIS Certified
Online Forklift Training

Lift Truck Operator Safety

A dynamic Online Lift Truck Training course providing operators with comprehensive knowledge and decision-making skills that result in improved safety and productivity


Get Lift Truck Certified
Online HAZCOM Training

HAZCOM for Workers

A dynamic HAZCOM Course that teaches workers about OSHA’s Hazcom Standard and how to reduce the risks associated with working with hazardous chemicals.


Get HAZCOM Certified

A Quick, Reliable, and Affordable Online WHMIS Course

My new company asked that I get my WHMIS Certificate before starting work. There were tons of options when I searched online for a provider. A coworker recommended Eversafe and I'm glad she did. The entire experience was very smooth, quick, and affordable.

William Flatterty Equipment Operator

Learner FAQ

When do I get my certificate?
Certificates will be issued immediately and will be available for printing after you’ve successfully completed your course. All courses include full-sized certificates, wallet cards, and digital badges.

How long will it take me to complete my course and get my certification?
Although the typical duration of a course is displayed on individual course details pages, these are averages and the time it takes to complete your course may vary depending on several factors. For example, learners often complete 90 minute courses within 60 minutes and other learners may take two hours for the same course. Keep in mind that you don’t need to complete the course in a single session and can spread it our over several hour, days, weeks or months. It’s up to you.

I’m not that great with computers. I’m concerned that it will be difficult to use your system.
Technology has come a long way in the previous years. Being extremely tech-savvy is no longer a requirement to enjoy the benefits of modern computing. Our Online Training Platform and courses are extremely easy to use, and we offer several easy-to-follow tutorials for those that may need a bit of help.

Do I have to pass a test of some kind to get my certificate?
Yes. Our courses require that you demonstrate competence in key course objectives before you can obtain your certificate. Our courses do an excellent job of preparing you for you final assessment/exam. If you’re unsuccessful at your first attempts, in most cases, you’ll have the ability to review the course content and make additional attempts until you’re successful. Due to legislative requirements, the criteria for receiving your certificate and the number or retakes allowed may vary from course to course.

Do employers and legislative bodies recognize Online Training?
Of course. Online training is an excellent addition to effective Health and Safety training programs; especially compliant, competency-centered courses such as those that we offer. Additionally, employers as well as many government organizations offer e-learning solutions themselves; rejecting their effectiveness would be illogical and hypocritical. Keep in mind, in many cases, your employer will be required to provide you with additional workplace-specific training.

Have more questions?
Check out our Online Support Center for more answers to frequently asked questions.