Free HAZCOM PowerPoint Presentation

While many employers are deploying their required OSHA HAZCOM Training via online training, not all companies are quite ready for that just yet. Depending on several factors within your workplace, along with your personal preferences, you may still choose to facilitate HAZCOM training using more traditional, classroom-based methods. In most cases, this would include the use of an HAZCOM PowerPoint presentation (Sometimes even a free HAZCOM PowerPoint!).

Since we’re fellow safety professionals, managers, and trainers ourselves, we understand that creating and maintaining a high-quality, up-to-date HAZCOM power point presentation can sometimes be a pain. After all, we’re super-busy and usually, wear many hats.

Of course, if you’ve done a simple google search for, “Free HAZCOM PowerPoint Presentation”,  you know that there are several free resources available on the web. You also probably know that the quality of most of these resources are questionable. They either have limited information, are outdated, or are just downright ugly. In most cases, they haven’t been developed with any instructional design principals in mind.

It’s tough enough to capture and maintain the attention of workers when facilitating any kind of HAZCOM training, outdated and visually unappealing presentations make it that much harder.

We Love to Help!

We love helping companies, managers, trainers, and safety professionals with limited resources meet their health and safety obligations. That’s why we’re super excited to let you know that we’re offering you a free HAZCOM Awareness PowerPoint presentation.  No cost and no strings attached.

The free HAZCOM Awareness power point presentation has been updated to reflect the new, GHS-Aligned OSHA HAZCOM Standard.

free hazcom powerpoint

Free HAZCOM PowerPoint Presentation Outline

The Free HAZCOM Awareness PowerPoint presentation is a condensed version of the PowerPoint contained within our HAZCOM Training Kit (The HAZCOM Training Kit is currently under development and nearing its official release). It contains 45 slides that include valuable information about HAZCOM, including information on the following topics:

  • What is HAZCOM
  • GHS
  • OSHA’s 6 Steps to an Effective HAZCOM Program
  • Health Effects
  • HAZCOM Duties and Responsibilities
  • Routes of Entry
  • Hazard Classification
  • Pictograms
  • Labels
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Education & Training
  • Safety Measures

The Free HAZCOM Awareness PowerPoint is customizable and can be used in various applications ranging from HAZCOM refresher training to full education and training when the necessary workplace specific additions are included.

free hazcom powerpoint

Workplace-Specific Training

Regardless of whether you use online, classroom or video based training to meet your general HAZCOM training requirements, you still may be required to provide your employees with workplace-specific training.

Workplace-specific HAZCOM training focuses on the hazards that are unique to your worker’ specific duties. Workplace-specific HAZCOM training typically includes emergency procedures, safe handling and use of a specific chemical, where exactly hazardous products should be stored at your company, and other very important topics.

An assessment should be conducted to determine the extent and details of the workplace-specific training that your workers require.

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