A Simple and Powerful
Online Safety Training Option

Affordable, high-quality online safety courses and an extremely powerful, but easy-to-use online training platform. These combined give you the flexibility to deploy compliant, online training to your workforce with little to no effort.

Start Training Your Workers

The Smartest Way to Train Your Workers

Eversafe Online Training makes it easy for employers to train their workers while saving money, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity. Engage workers by delivering a consistent, high-quality message each and every time. Automate record-keeping and never worry about chasing down workers to finish their training ever again.

Here’s What Eversafe Customers Are Saying

Eversafe Online Training is Extremely Easy to Use and The Cost/Value Ratio Makes it a No Brainer

Eversafe offers a very easy-to-use and accessible training platform that allows us to train our staff with little to no effort. As a small business with a relatively high turnover rate, it's difficult to organize group training for our staff. Not to mention, hiring a trainer is costly, and conducting live training sessions is extremely time-consuming.

With Eversafe, we simply assign the required training to our workers and they complete it online when it's most convenient. This results in virtually no disruption to our operation as well as huge time savings for all involved. The courses are great, include a lot of interactivity, and conclude with a quick test that helps ensure our staff has retained the content.

Not only has Eversafe saved us a ton of time, but the customer service is excellent. The few of times I've had questions regarding the functionality of the training reports, a friendly customer service rep was very quick to respond and guide me through the entire process in a very personalized way.

Eversafe's training platform is extremely easy to use, and the cost/value ratio is a no brainer. Thanks for helping us train our team to be safe in an interactive and fun way!

Genevieve Guerin Operations Manager - iFLY Toronto

Small Price for Big Impact!

Affordable, efficient and engaging for the learners. Small price for big impact!

The WHMIS Program purchased was easy to use, easy to understand, and engaged our learners. It contained the new legislation requirements, and the team was willing to make adjustments to accommodate our industry so the content was perceived as being relevant for our learners.

Candace Turzanski Managrr, Training - Medicentres Family Health Care Clinics

Transparent Pricing

No contracts. No commitments, No ongoing costs. No hidden fees. Our pricing model is pay-as-you-go. That means that you only pay for the courses that you need, not a penny more. It’s that simple.


Compliant. High-Quality. Engaging

Our compliant, high-quality training helps build the skills workers need to recognize hazards and stay safe in the workplace. In addition to this, our courses are competency-centered, resulting in employers more easily maintaining due diligence and defensibility. View Our Courses >>

Employer FAQ

Are there subscription fees?  How much is this going to cost?
No! There are no subscription fees for our online training. All you pay for are the courses that you need, not a penny more. Delivering the courses, tracking progress, and record-keeping is included at no additional cost. This means you know EXACTLY what the costs are upfront.

Does Online Safety Training really work?
That really depends on what is meant by “does it work”. E-Learning can be substantially more effective than traditional training methods. Our courses are fully interactive and utilize established instructional design principals that aid in accelerated learning and knowledge retention.

How long does it take to sign up and start assigning training to my workers?
You are able to immediately assign training to your employees after signing up and purchasing courses/credits. This can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

My company has it’s own Learning Management System. Can we use your courses in our LMS?
Yes! We do offer course licensing options that allow companies to deploy our courses to their workforce from their existing LMS. Click here to learn more.

My employees aren’t very computer savvy. I’m concerned that it will be difficult to use your system.
Technology has come a long way in the previous years.  Being extremely tech-savvy is no longer a requirement to enjoy the benefits of modern computing. Our system is incredibly simple to use for both training administrators and learners. Additionally, our responsible support team is available to help you through any issues you may have.

Do you offer any type of quantity discounts?
Absolutely. We offer substantial discounts when you purchase courses/credits in bulk. The more you train, the more you save. You can view discounts on individual course pages as well as when you’re logged into your facilitator account.

Do legislative organizations recognize Online training?
Online training can definitely be part of an effective Health and Safety training program; especially compliant, competency-based courses such as those that we offer. Many government organizations offer e-learning solutions themselves; rejecting their effectiveness would be illogical and hypocritical.

Have more questions?
Check out our Online Support Center for more answers to frequently asked questions.