26 October, 2016

Free HAZCOM Power Point Presentation


Free HAZCOM PowerPoint Presentation While many employers are deploying their required OSHA HAZCOM Training via online training, not [...]

Free HAZCOM Power Point Presentation2016-11-03T14:35:39+00:00
20 October, 2016

What is GHS?


What is GHS? Chemical products and materials are sensitive in nature and can possess hazards that range from [...]

What is GHS?2016-10-20T12:54:29+00:00
24 April, 2016

HAZCOM Pictograms


HAZCOM Pictograms OSHA revised the Hazard Communication Standard in 2012 to incorporate the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling [...]

HAZCOM Pictograms2016-10-17T12:13:43+00:00
18 March, 2016

New Course Announcement: HAZCOM 2012 Online Training Course


New Course Announcement: HAZCOM 2012 Online Training Course We're excited to announce the official release of our new, HAZCOM 2012 [...]

New Course Announcement: HAZCOM 2012 Online Training Course2016-10-17T12:13:43+00:00
7 February, 2016

OSHA HAZCOM Classification


OSHA HAZCOM Classification The publication of the updated Hazard Communication Standard by the Federal Register on 26th March 2012 marked [...]

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8 December, 2015



HAZCOM Labels The requirements for labeling hazardous chemicals have been revised by OSHA under its updated Hazard Communication Standard [...]

OSHA HAZCOM Labels2016-10-17T12:13:43+00:00
27 November, 2015

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard


OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has aligned its Hazard Communication Standard (also called HCS) [...]

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard2016-10-17T12:13:45+00:00

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